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Never worry on how you can pay for that unexpected emergency or even annual services. No concern over pre-existing conditions and so much more!

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Pet Health Care Costs Are Spiraling Out Of Control:

What Can You Do To Protect Yourself And Your Pet?

With all of the modern conveniences and luxuries now available to pet owners including the rise of pet spas and the advances in pet food quality, it should not surprise anybody that the spending on pet health care in the U.S. continues to rise rapidly. It is estimated that the total American pet industry expenditure is right around $100 billion according to the American Pet Products Association (APPA) with $30 billion estimated to be spent on vet care and over-the-counter medication alone. These figures will only continue to rise as the APAA claims that there are approximately 85 million households with pets currently including nearly 5 million new households that have purchased pets since 2015, which comes out to almost 3,000 new pet owners in the United States every single day! The APAA also claims that 68% of American households now carry at least one pet.*
The joy of pet ownership also carries with it the burden of financial responsibility. According to the American Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Animals (ASPCA), the average first-year cost of owning a dog, which includes vaccinations, spaying, neutering, training, initial medical fees and a crate can approach at least $2,000 with annual costs approaching at least $1,000 for most breeds thereafter. These figures however, do not include unexpected, emergency, veterinary trips, which all pet owners understand can happen at any time, and, depending on the ailment, can cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars.**

The Pet Medical Savings Account Is a
Total Game Changer for You and Your Pets!
Sleep Better at Night!

When it comes to any expected or unexpected medical needs for your pets, there is no better plan to turn to when it comes to paying your veterinarian expenses than the Pet Medical Savings Account (PMSA). Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to afford nearly any life-extending treatment for your cherished pets that you might not have been able to afford before such as a $5,000 hip replacement procedure and prolonged cancer treatments that could add not just months but years of enjoyment for you and your pet to have together? How financially prepared are you to face these potential costs and inevitable occurrences for the pet you love?

The PMSA is a medical savings account designed exclusively to pay for veterinary expenses for all of the pets in your household. Unlike pet health insurance, which will require you to pay numerous, out-of-pocket costs such as deductibles, copays and coinsurance before you receive any benefits at all, the Pet Medical Savings Account (PMSA) is the only pet health plan available that will have you and your pet covered immediately! The PMSA is the financial solution for all pet lover’s out there to help them better manage all of the expected and unexpected medical expenses that they will be required to pay for all of their current and future household pets. Why is the Pet Medical Savings Account so valuable for pet owners to help them better afford all of their veterinarian cos

9 Reasons You Will Love the
Pet Medical Savings Account

Very simply, the PMSA is the ultimate source for savings on all of your pet’s veterinary expenses and needs because:

Superior Account Crediting

The PMSA awards pet owners access to up to $2 or more in medical benefits for their pets for every $1 they contribute towards their account balance on a monthly basis as the program progresses.

Flexible Monthly Payment Plans

The Pet Health Savings Account has six different monthly contribution plans starting as low as only $40 per month that will fit into any family’s budget.

No Concern Over Pre-Existing Conditions

While your pet would probably not even qualify for pet insurance if they had any underlying health conditions, the PMSA will cover all of your healthy or unhealthy pets starting on Day 1.

Paid-Up Pet Benefits

Once you build your PMSA account balance up to the target account balance of your choosing (anywhere from $2,500 in the PMSA 2500 plan or $20,000 in the PMSA 20000 plan), you are no longer required to make your full, monthly contribution and will only have to pay a monthly maintenance fee to keep your account in force.

Guaranteed Account Growth

The monthly benefits awarded into your PMSA account balance are guaranteed and increase each month. The account value is designed to double your overall contribution over 35 months and will still secure you phenomenal savings along the way before you reach your paid-up, target, account balance when you pay for a pet medical service with your plan.

Guaranteed Issue

You can enroll into the Pet Medical Savings Account of your choice in five minutes! Unlike pet health insurance, the PMSA requires no upfront underwriting and will also allow you to cover every pet in your household.

Track Your Benefits And Account Balance

You will always know where you stand with your PMSA plan because you will be able to check your current account balance and transaction history in real time through your PMSA member portal and mobile app as well as having access to other valuable resources to help you understand all of your PMSA benefits.

Easy To Use!

Instead of paying all of your own costs up front and then having to endure the laborious and time consuming process of filing a pet insurance claim only to be surprised to see that you were not reimbursed nearly as much as you would want, enjoy access to instant payments of all your veterinarian needs with your Pet Health Savings Plan by simply swiping your PMSA Pet Medical Visa® Prepaid Card directly at your vet’s office.

PMSA Benefits Roll Over Year-To Year And For Your New Pets

With the PMSA, more medical benefits means more potential pets in your household! The benefits that you will be able to build, retain and roll over year-to-year will provide you with the invaluable security and certainty you will need to know that not only all of your pet health needs will be covered but also give you the flexibility over time to add more pets to your household because your PMSA pet savings account will always be there to take good care of your pets’ wellbeing even when your current pets pass away.


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