What Pet Medical Costs Does This Cover?

The pet health savings account is the product you need to ensure that all of your pets’ current and future health care priorities can be addressed regardless of the price. This is a medical savings account designed exclusively to pay for veterinary expenses for all of the pets in your household. This has six different monthly payment plans that can easily fit into any family’s budget, and its guaranteed account crediting will provide you with access to up to $2 or more in medical benefits to use on all of your pets’ expected or unexpected health needs for every $1 that you contribute towards your plan over time.

The pet health savings account can be used to pay for your pet medical expenses, which includes most all medical treatments that pet owners would need to pay for at nearly all Doctors of Veterinary Medicine offices. You can instantly access any of your current PHSA benefits by swiping your Visa® Prepaid Card at your veterinarian’s office, which can be used to pay for your veterinary expenses up to your account balance at the time of the pet medical expense. You can check your account balance anytime either on your Member Portal or Mobile App. Mail-in reimbursements are also available for any prescribed pet medication, vaccinations, exams, surgeries and medical procedures.


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